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Monroe Street Movement Space


In its 18th year of offering Dance and Movement Arts classes for children and adults, the Movement Space continues to provide movement experiences with the purpose of the development of strength, agility, and body harmony. It is through the arts and positive reinforcement, children can gain confidence, grace and perseverance — all essential qualities in the classroom and in life.

The Movement Space offers stepping stones in a child’s life, beginning with pre-natal classes and moving into the next stage of crawlers/toddlers learning language and social connection through movement. Stepping next at age 3 into dance classes and our Spring and Summer Arts Camp, children grow through the pre-teen years gaining strength, alignment, technique and personal voice.

In dance the most beautiful movements are the ones children do naturally. The combination of proper dance technique, improvisation and encouragement enhances the unique movement language of each student.

Always referring back to that which is natural, this process when done with time and patience, enables the emergence of a person who is comfortable with movement and who has an inner knowledge of their physical body and how to care for it.

Movement, Music & Language  crawling to 3 years
School Time with Dena & Luke  2-3 years

Children  3 years and older
Classical Ballet
Tap Dance
School Break Arts Camp
Summer Arts Camp